Study on the OCR Setting Using the Voltage Component Considering Application of the SFCL in a Power Distribution System

배전계통에 초전도한류기 적용시 전압요소를 이용한 과전류계전기 정정 연구

  • Lim, Seung-Taek ;
  • Lim, Sung-Hun
  • 임승택 ;
  • 임성훈
  • Received : 2018.07.07
  • Accepted : 2018.11.08
  • Published : 2018.12.01


In south korea, the government make a plan to generate the 20% of the total electrical power as renewable source like wind generation and solar generation. This plan will accelerate the increase of fault current with power industry's growth. As the increase of fault current, the superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) has been studied. In case that the SFCL is applied in power system, it can cause the overcurrent relay (OCR)'s trip delay because of the reduced fault current. In this paper, the overcurrent relay with voltage component was suggested to improve the OCR's trip delay caused by the SFCL and compensational constant was introduced to have the trip time similar to the trip time of case without the SFCL. For conforming the effect of the suggested OCR with voltage component, the PSCAD/EMTDC simulation modeling and analysis were conducted. Through the simulation, it was conformed that the trip delay could be improved by using the suggested OCR and compensational constant.


Fault current;Overcurrent relay (OCR);Superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL);Trip delay;Voltage component


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Supported by : Korea Electric Power Corporation