Application of Porous Nanofibers Comprising Hollow α-Fe2O3 Nanospheres Prepared by Applying Both PS Template and Kirkendall Diffusion Effect for Anode Materials in Lithium-ion Batteries

커켄달 효과와 주형법을 통해 합성한 α-Fe2O3 중공입자로 구성된 다공성1차원 구조체의 리튬 이차전지 음극활물질 적용

  • Lee, Young Kwang ;
  • Jeong, Sun Young ;
  • Cho, Jung Sang
  • 이영광 ;
  • 정순영 ;
  • 조중상
  • Received : 2018.09.04
  • Accepted : 2018.10.30
  • Published : 2018.12.01


Porous nanofibers comprising hollow ${\alpha}-Fe_2O_3$ nanospheres were prepared by applying both template method and Kirkendall diffusion effect to electrospinning process. During heat-treatment processes, the solid Fe nano-metals formed by initial heat-treatment in the carbon matrix were converted into the hollow structured ${\alpha}-Fe_2O_3$ nanospheres. In particular, PS nanobeads added in the spinning solution were decomposed and formed numerous channels in the composite, which served as a good pathway for Kirkendall diffusion gas. The resulting porous nanofibers comprising hollow ${\alpha}-Fe_2O_3$ nanospheres were applied as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The discharge capacities of the nanofibers for the 30th cycle at a high current density of $1.0A\;g^{-1}$ was $776mA\;h\;g^{-1}$. The good lithium ion storage property was attributed to the synergetic effects of the hollow ${\alpha}-Fe_2O_3$ nanospheres and the interstitial nanovoids between the nanospheres. The synthetic method proposed in this study could be applied to the preparation of porous nanofibers comprising hollow nanospheres with various composition for various applications, including energy storage.


Hollow structure;Nanofibers;Electrospinning;Kirkendall diffusion;Anodes;Batteries


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