Critical Discourse Analysis of '5.18' in 'Honam' and 'Yeongnam' Local Newspapers by Using Corpus

코퍼스를 이용한 '호남'과 '영남' 지역신문에서의 '5.18'에 대한 비판적 담화분석

  • Published : 2017.08.30


In this paper, newspaper articles were collected through '5.18' keyword search results and the news corpus was constructed from the collected data. In the articles of local newspapers 'Honam' and 'Yeongnam', the ideological differences regarding '5.18' were investigated. The ideological differences of local newspaper discourse through objective figures was analyzed.. The subjects of the newspaper articles, the frequency of nouns and predicates were analyzed. The use and meaning of the intended vocabulary were examined. As a result of analyzing the title of the newspaper article, the discourse written in 'Honam' emphasized the necessity of re - recognition of 5.18. In both regions, the word "Gwangju" is often used. However, 'Gwangju' in 'Honam' newspaper means spiritual space, not physical space. In Honam regional newspapers, there are many vocabularies describing the events such as 'shoot' and 'fire', this calls for recollection and memory of '5.18'. In the analysis of newspaper discourse, the analysis of the contrast between the local newspapers was very insignificant, but, this study was conducted to analyze the discourse among local newspapers.