Some Suggestions for Korean Automobile Industry to Branch out into Iran

한국자동차기업의 이란진출을 위한 전략제안

  • Kim, Hyun-Chul (Dept. of Technological Business Start Up, Kunsan National University)
  • 김현철 (군산대학교 융합기술창업학과)
  • Received : 2016.12.23
  • Accepted : 2017.03.28
  • Published : 2017.03.30


Iran has been focused on FDI by global automobile companies after the economic sanction on Iran was removed except primary sanction. In this paper, some strategies for Korean Automobile Industry to branch out into Iran are suggested. For the purpose, Iran's automobile industry and characteristics are examined. The market situation is analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. In passenger cars sector, Korean automobile companies would be better to wait and see the development of US-Iran relationships while exporting CKD sets of cars to Iran. It can be a good strategy, however, to put parts companies into Iran first because of Iran Government could be displeasing with exporting CKD only. FDI, licensing, and joint venture are all available for the parts companies. Motor companies can clear the regulation of auto-parts localization proportion by the method. The parts companies will be able to do key roles as supply chains after OEM branch out into Iran. It is also advisable to upgrade outpost in Iran into frontline for exporting cars to MENA area. In such a case it will be a prerequisite to develop a role-division model with facilities in East Europe. It could be called Parts first-then cars strategy. In commercial cars sector, it can be suggested to leverage natural gas as a link to branch out into Iran. Iran government wishes to develop natural gas resources. The strategy can be summarized that automobile companies carry out producing CNG buses in Iran while energy companies are drilling and producing natural gas.