Dynamic Island Partition for Distribution System with Renewable Energy to Decrease Customer Interruption Cost

  • Zhu, Junpeng (School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University) ;
  • Gu, Wei (School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University) ;
  • Jiang, Ping (School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University) ;
  • Song, Shan (School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University) ;
  • Liu, Haitao (China Electric Power Research Institute) ;
  • Liang, Huishi (China Electric Power Research Institute) ;
  • Wu, Ming (China Electric Power Research Institute)
  • Received : 2016.10.01
  • Accepted : 2017.07.18
  • Published : 2017.11.01


When a failure occurs in active distribution system, it will be isolated through the action of circuit breakers and sectionalizing switches. As a result, the network might be divided into several connected components, in which distributed generations could supply power for customers. Aimed at decreasing customer interruption cost, this paper proposes a theoretically optimal island partition model for such connected components, and a simplified but more practical model is also derived. The model aims to calculate a dynamic island partition schedule during the failure recovery time period, instead of a static islanding status. Fluctuation and stochastic characteristics of the renewable distributed generations and loads are considered, and the interruption cost functions of the loads are fitted. To solve the optimization model, a heuristic search algorithm based on the hill climbing method is proposed. The effectiveness of the proposed model and algorithm is evaluated by comparing with an existing static island partitioning model and intelligent algorithms, respectively.


Customer interruption cost;Distributed generation;Heuristic optimization;Island partition;Renewable energy


Supported by : National Science Foundation of China, State Grid Corporation of China


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