The Numerical Modeling and Sliding Mode Control of A New Submersible Fish Cage

  • Lee, Hyunsu (School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, University of Ulsan) ;
  • Won, Sung Jae (R&D center, BMInternational) ;
  • Ahn, Kyoung Kwan (School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering, University of Ulsan)
  • Received : 2017.05.16
  • Accepted : 2017.07.24
  • Published : 2017.09.01


The purpose of this paper is to develop a new submersible fish cage operated by a pneumatic system for offshore aquaculture. Although some researchers have investigated modeling and control of fish cages, such cages consist of variable ballast tanks that with closed cylinders and thus present a maintenance issue. In solving the issue the new submersible fish cage investigated consists of bottom-opening cylinders. Accordingly, we designed a mathematical model of the concept and applied Sliding Mode Control for nonlinear angle control. Some experiments conducted under assumed conditions indicate that the angle of the system converges to zero under all conditions and the control has the stability to balance the fish cage.



Supported by : Korea Institute of Marine Science&Technology Promotion (KIMST)


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