A Study on the Accuracy and Convenience of Imaging Method Using Support Device in Knee Joint Lateral Radiography

슬관절의 측면 방사선 촬영에서 보조기구를 이용한 검사방법의 정확성과 편의성에 대한 연구

  • Uhm, Soyeong (Department of Radiology, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital) ;
  • Cho, Yongkeun (Department of Radiology, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital) ;
  • Kang, Sungjin (Department of Radiology, Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital)
  • 엄소영 (순천향대학교 부속 부천병원 영상의학과) ;
  • 조용근 (순천향대학교 부속 부천병원 영상의학과) ;
  • 강성진 (순천향대학교 부속 부천병원 영상의학과)
  • Received : 2017.07.13
  • Accepted : 2017.08.31
  • Published : 2017.08.31


In lateral projection imaging method of knee joint, a method that adjusts the incidence angle of central X-ray toward the head side to $5{\sim}7^{\circ}$ in true lateral position which is existing recommended is called imaging method A, Method of imaging the central X-ray perpendicular to the horizontal plane of the examination table toward the knee is called imaging method B, and a method in which the central X-ray is perpendicularly applied to the joints while the lateral side of the distal tibia is compensated by radiolucent materials is called as method C. After tests each imaging method to classified study subject respectively, the joint space distance and the distance between lateral and medial condyle of femur were measured and compared as the quantitative index from the three imaging methods. In addition, the convenience of each imaging method was confirmed through questionnaires to practician. According to the result of the quantitative index, there is no statistically significant difference in imaging method A and C(p>0.05). However, imaging method B showed a significant difference in both A and C(p<0.05). As a result of evaluating the convenience of the imaging method, imaging method A was relatively assessed lower in all items than imaging methods B and C, and as a small difference, imaging method B is assessed higher than C. In this study suggested new knee joint lateral projection imaging method, by using a simple support device, could describe joint space as not much different as existing recommended method without some complex process, and could increase convenience of the practician in the process of the imaging.


Knee Joint;Radiography;Support Device


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