Filtering and Intrusion Detection Approach for Secured Reconfigurable Mobile Systems

  • Idriss, Rim (School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Jinan University (Zhuhai Campus)/INSAT Institute, University of Carthage) ;
  • Loukil, Adlen (INSAT Institute, University of Carthage) ;
  • Khalgui, Mohamed (INSAT Institute, University of Carthage) ;
  • Li, Zhiwu (Institute of Systems Engineering, Macau University of Science and Technology/School of Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Xidian University) ;
  • Al-Ahmari, Abdulrahman (Industrial Engineering Department, College of Engineering, King Saud University)
  • Received : 2016.08.15
  • Accepted : 2017.05.10
  • Published : 2017.09.01


This paper deals with reconfigurable secured mobile systems where the reconfigurability has the potential of providing a required adaptability to change the system requirements. The reconfiguration scenario is presented as a run-time automatic operation which allows security mechanisms and the addition-removal-update of software tasks. In particular, there is a definite requirement for filtering and intrusion detection mechanisms that will use fewer resources and also that will improve the security on the secured mobile devices. Filtering methods are used to control incoming traffic and messages, whereas, detection methods are used to detect malware events. Nevertheless, when different reconfiguration scenarios are applied at run-time, new security threats will be emerged against those systems which need to support multiple security objectives: Confidentiality, integrity and availability. We propose in this paper a new approach that efficiently detects threats after reconfigurable scenarios and which is based on filtering and intrusion detection methods. The paper's contribution is applied to Android where the evaluation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed middleware in order to detect the malicious events on reconfigurable secured mobile systems and the feasibility of running and executing such a system with the proposed solutions.


Mobile system;Android;Reconfiguration and adaptation;Security;Filtering and detection;Multi-agent system;Modelling and evaluation


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