LCL Filter Design Method for Grid-Connected PWM-VSC

  • Majic, Goran (Dept. of Power Engineering, University of Split, FESB) ;
  • Despalatovic, Marin (Dept. of Power Engineering, University of Split, FESB) ;
  • Terzic, Bozo (Dept. of Power Engineering, University of Split, FESB)
  • Received : 2017.01.28
  • Accepted : 2017.06.04
  • Published : 2017.09.01


In recent years, several LCL filter design methods for different converter topologies have been published, many of which use analytical expressions to calculate the ideal converter AC voltage harmonic spectrum. This paper presents the LCL filter design methodology but the focus is on presentation and validation of the non-iterative filter design method for a grid-connected three-phase two-level PWM-VSC. The developed method can be adapted for different converter topologies and PWM algorithms. Furthermore, as a starting point for the design procedure, only the range of PWM carrier frequencies is required instead of an exact value. System nonlinearities, usually omitted from analysis have a significant influence on VSC AC voltage harmonic spectrum. In order to achieve better accuracy of the proposed procedure, the system nonlinear model is incorporated into the method. Optimal filter parameters are determined using the novel cost function based on higher frequency losses of the filter. An example of LCL filter design for a 40 kVA grid-connected PWM-VSC has been presented. Obtained results have been used to construct the corresponding laboratory setup and measurements have been performed to verify the proposed method.


Cost function;Grid-connected voltage source converters;Harmonic analysis;LCL filter;Non-iterative method;Optimization;Space vector pulse width modulation


Supported by : Croatian Science Foundation


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