Numerical analysis of dynamic response of jacket structures subject to slamming forces by breaking waves

  • Woo, Chanjo (Mapes Engineering Co. Ltd.) ;
  • Chun, Insik (Department of Infra System Engineering, Konkuk University) ;
  • Navaratnam, Christy Ushanth (Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology) ;
  • Shim, Jaeseol (Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology)
  • Received : 2016.08.28
  • Accepted : 2016.11.19
  • Published : 2017.07.31


The present study numerically analyzed the dynamic behavior of 3D framed structures subject to impulsive slamming forces by violent breaking waves. The structures were modeled using multiple lumped masses for the vertical projections of each member, and the slamming forces from the breaking waves were concentrated on these lumped masses. A numerical algorithm was developed to properly incorporate the slamming forces into a dynamic analysis to numerically determine the structural responses. Then, the validity of the numerical analysis was verified using the results of an existing hydraulic experiment. The numerical and experimental results for various model structures were generally in good agreement. The uncertainties concerning the properties of the breaking waves used in the verification are also discussed here.


Grant : Construction of Ocean Research Station and their Application Studies

Supported by : Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology


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