The Effects of Married Nurses' Parenting Stress and Job Involvement on Retention Intention

기혼간호사의 양육스트레스와 직무몰입이 재직의도에 미치는 영향

  • Nam, In Suk (Chungbuk National University Hospital) ;
  • Kim, Seonho (Department of Nursing, Chungbuk National University)
  • Received : 2017.03.16
  • Accepted : 2017.06.09
  • Published : 2017.06.30


The purpose of this study is to identify correlations among married nurses' parenting stress, job involvement and intent to stay, as well as to clarify factors that affect nurses' intent to stay. This is a descriptive study conducted based on evaluation of 174 married nurses from one university hospital and two general hospitals (200 beds or above) located in C region, all of who had at least one child <6 years of age. Data were collected from Aug 20 until Sep 15, 2016, after which data were analyzed by aT-test, ANOVA, Pearson's coefficient, and stepwise multiple regression. The mean score of parenting stress was $2.67{\pm}0.54$ out of 4, while that of job involvement was $3.11{\pm}0.58$ out of 5, and intent to stay was $3.56{\pm}0.79$ out of 5. Intent to stay was significantly negatively correlated with parenting stress(r=-0.186, p=0.014), while it was positively correlated with job involvement(r=0.345, p<0.001). Factors influencing intent to stay were education level(${\beta}=0.28$, p=0.042), job satisfaction(${\beta}=0.60$, p<0.001), weekend work(${\beta}=0.20$, p=0.042), job involvement(${\beta}=0.31$, p<0.001) and parenting stress(${\beta}=-0.22$, p=0.038). These factors explained 36.8% of intent to stay(F=21.18, p<0.001). Overall, the results indicate that intervention strategies may be necessary to increase intent to stay by reducing parenting stress and enhancing job involvement.


Factors;Job involvement;Married nurse;Parenting stress;Retention intention


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