The thermodynamic efficiency characteristics of combined cogeneration system of 120MW

120MW급 열병합 복합발전시스템의 열역학적 효율 특성

  • 최명진 (호원대학교 국방과학기술학부) ;
  • 김홍주 ((주) 수완에너지) ;
  • 김병헌 (전남과학대학교 특수장비과)
  • Received : 2017.03.21
  • Accepted : 2017.06.09
  • Published : 2017.06.30


In this study, acombined cogeneration power plant produced two types of thermal energy and electric or mechanical power in a single process. The performance of each component of the gas turbine-combined cogeneration system was expressed as a function of the fuel consumption of the entire system, and the heat and electricity performance of each component. The entire system consisted of two gas turbines in the upper system, and two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG), a steam turbine, and two district heat exchangers in the lower system. In the gas turbine combined cogeneration system, the performance test after 10,000 hours of operation time, which is subject to an ASME PTC 46 performance test, was carried out by the installation of various experimental facilities. The performance of the overall output and power plant efficiency was also analyzed. Based on the performance test data, the test results were compared to confirm the change in performance. This study performed thermodynamic system analysis of gas turbines, heat recovery steam generators, and steam turbines to obtain the theoretical results. A comparison was made between the theoretical and actual values of the total heat generation value of the entire system and the heat released to the atmosphere, as well as the theoretical and actual efficiencies of the electrical output and thermal output. The test results for the performance characteristics of the gas turbine combined cogeneration power plant were compared with the thermodynamic efficiency characteristics and an error of 0.3% was found.


Combined Heat and Power;CHP;Heat Recovery Steam Generator;Gas turbine;Steam Turbine


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