Complete genome sequence of Streptococcus intermedius ChDC B718 isolated from a human pulpitis lesion

사람 치수염 병소에서 분리된 Streptococcus intermedius ChDC B718의 유전체 염기서열 해독

  • Park, Soon-Nang (Korean Collection for Oral Microbiology and Department of Oral Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, Chosun University) ;
  • Roh, Hanseong (Macrogen Inc.) ;
  • Lim, Yun Kyong (Korean Collection for Oral Microbiology and Department of Oral Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, Chosun University) ;
  • Kook, Joong-Ki (Korean Collection for Oral Microbiology and Department of Oral Biochemistry, School of Dentistry, Chosun University)
  • 박순낭 (조선대학교 치과대학 구강생화학교실 및 한국구강미생물자원은행) ;
  • 노한성 (마크로젠) ;
  • 임윤경 (조선대학교 치과대학 구강생화학교실 및 한국구강미생물자원은행) ;
  • 국중기 (조선대학교 치과대학 구강생화학교실 및 한국구강미생물자원은행)
  • Received : 2017.04.13
  • Accepted : 2017.04.17
  • Published : 2017.06.30


Streptococcus intermedius is a Gram-positive, obligately anaerobic, nonsporeforming, and nonmotile cocci. S. intermedius is a member of oral flora and is endodontic infection, respiratory infections, infective endocarditis, brain abscess, and liver abscess. Streptococcus intermedius ChDC B718 (= KCOM 1545) was isolated from a human pulpitis lesion. Here, we present the complete genome sequence of S. intermedius ChDC B718.


Streptococcus intermedius;human;pulpitis


Supported by : National Research Foundation (NRF)


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