A study of expressing social agenda in feature film (Focusing on the Coen brother's film "A big lebowski (1998))

상업 영화 속 사회의제 표현에 대한 분석 (코엔형제의 영화 "위대한 레보스키(1998)"를 중심으로)

  • 이태훈 (경희대학교 디지털콘텐츠학과)
  • Received : 2017.04.24
  • Accepted : 2017.06.20
  • Published : 2017.06.28


Contrary to the fact that the old films contain artistic and include contemporary literature, religion, and philosophy, latest films are produced with focusing on external interesting composition and sensational scene. A good movie emotionally express the directors' topic message exuding from an interesting story, and empathize with the social agenda which shows a sharp look of the directors' on contemporary social aspect. In the movies of the Coen brothers, it seems like an entertainment movie as typical black comedy genre through irony and happening, but in fact, it inserts a lot of social problems in the film to show that they cynically express their social agenda from a contemplative view. In their movie "The Big Lebowski (1998)", it seems like they are creating comical content through the main characters' unaffected attitude. However, it is director's excellent director of the sub-text that expresses American social issues such as Vietnam war, post-modernism and an obscurantist policy and au fond the comedy about the historical facts of mass production of social maladjustment into black comedy. We expect to contribute to make a step forward in the Korea film industry by analyzing such movies that has the cultural power of influence.


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