A Measurement on the Economic Effects of Facility Modernization Policy for Improvement of Fruits Quality

과수고품질 시설현대화사업의 정책성과 측정 연구

  • Park, Mi-Sung (Dept. of Agricultural Outlook in Korea Rural Eoconomic Institute) ;
  • Kim, Bae-Sung (Dept. of Applied Economics, SARI in Jeju National University/Research Institute for Subtropical Agriculture and Animal Biotechnology)
  • 박미성 (한국농촌경제연구원 농업관측본부) ;
  • 김배성 (제주대학교 산업응용경제학과.친환경농업연구소.아열대농업생명과학연구소)
  • Received : 2017.03.16
  • Accepted : 2017.05.12
  • Published : 2017.05.31


The facility modernization policy has been established to improve fruits quality and to increase fruits yield per acreage. The fruit production quantity of farms joined in the policy was increased. Therefore, many fruit farms want to participate in the policy. The government has subsidized fruit farms to modernize their facilities such as rain proof, drainage way, frost proof, etc. This study analyzes the performance of the facility modernization policy focused on apple, eastern pear, and grape cultivation sector. One hundred apple farms, one hundred eastern pear farms, and 91 grape farms were surveyed. The performance of the policy was reviewed using analytical technique such as Covariate Matching and Propensity Score Matching and several policy implications were suggested.


Covariate Matching;Economic Effect;Facility Modernization Policy;Fruits Quality;Propensity Score Matching


Supported by : 제주대학교


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