Development of a Multimedia Streaming System using MEP Based on MOST150 for Premium Express Buses

MOST150기반 MEP를 이용한 프리미엄 고속버스용 멀티미디어 스트리밍 시스템 개발

  • Received : 2016.12.29
  • Accepted : 2017.05.17
  • Published : 2017.05.31


In-vehicle multimedia systems are one of the most important factors in the automotive industry. Especially, multimedia systems are more important in advanced commercial vehicles such as premium express buses. In this paper, we proposed a multimedia streaming system architecture using MEP(MOST Ethernet Packets) for premium express buses based on MOST150. We have designed and implemented the prototype of proposed multimedia streaming system. We have designed a board based on i.MX6 to operate a proposed multimedia streaming system. The software has designed a multimedia system for premium express buses based on Android which is an open source platform. MOST(Media Oriented Systems Transport) is a high-speed multimedia network technology for in-vehicle multimedia system. The MOST network is able to manage up to 64 devices and ring topology is used basically. In addition, the MOST Network meets EMI(Electro-Magnetic Interference)/ EMC(Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) requirements because it uses plastic optical fibers(POF).


Supported by : 한국산업기술진흥원


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