A Study on the Developmental Strategy of the Korean Internet Primary Bank

한국 인터넷전문은행의 발전전략에 관한 연구

  • 김소정 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 김주연 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 오수빈 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 전성원 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 허남윤 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 원종권 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 황혜정 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과) ;
  • 장영현 (배화여자대학교 스마트IT학과)
  • Received : 2017.03.20
  • Accepted : 2017.04.05
  • Published : 2017.05.31


An internet primary bank, which is formed by internet and banks combined, is called the essence of fin-tech, and is currently experiencing rapid growth. 'K-Bank' and 'Kakao Bank', the representative internet primary banks this year, received positive responses as the origin of financial revolution. internet primary banks provide convenient financial services, benefits in time and money for customers. Not long ago, however, undesirable fraud cases caused by a used commodity dealer have happened. The damage exceeds 20,000,000 won. It is because the newborn banks are unable to check the fraud history through the bank account. In this paper, We will analyze the trend in internet primary banks, offer damages and examples, in addition, prevention of damage, and strategies for development.


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