An Efficient Routing Protocol for Mobile Sinks in Sensor Networks

센서 네트워크에서 모바일 싱크를 위한 효율적인 라우팅 기법

  • Wu, Mary (Dept. Of Computer Culture, Yongnam Theological University and Seminary)
  • Received : 2017.02.08
  • Accepted : 2017.03.30
  • Published : 2017.04.30


Sensors have limited resources in sensor networks, so efficient use of energy is important. In order to use the energy of the sensor node efficiently, researches applying mobile sink to the sensor network have been actively carried out. The sink node moves the sensor network, collects data from each sensor node, which spread the energy concentrated around the sink node, thereby extending the entire life cycle of the network. But, when the sink node moves, it requires a reset of the data transmission path, which causes a lot of control messages and delays. In this paper, we propose a CMS(Cluster-based Mobile Sink) method to support the movement of mobile sink in a cluster sensor environment. The proposed scheme minimizes an amount of control messages without resetting the routing paths of entire sensor networks by supporting the sink mobility path using the neighbor cluster list. And, it simplifies the routing path setup process by setting a single hop path between clusters without a gateway. The experiment results show that the proposed scheme has superior energy efficiency in processing and network structure, compared with existing clustering and mesh routing protocols.


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