Evaluation of Electricity Generation According to Installation Type of Photovoltaic System in Residential Buildings

주거용 건물 태양광발전시스템의 설치유형에 따른 발전성능 평가

  • Received : 2016.02.16
  • Accepted : 2017.04.21
  • Published : 2017.04.30


The types of installation of the photovoltaic system applied to domestic residential buildings are classified as follows: Mounted modules with air circulation, semi-integrated modules with air duct behind, integrated modules with fully insulated back. In order to study generation characteristics of PV system, we verified the validity of interpretation program based on long-term measurement data of demonstration house installed in BAPV form and also analyzed the generation characteristics and performance of each installation type. The results are as follows. First, the RMSE of amount of generation and simulation according to annual daily insolation of demonstration system located in Daejeon was 0.98kWh and the range of relative error of monthly power generation was -5.8 to 3.1. Second, the average annual PR of mounted modules was 82%, semi-integrated modules 76.1% and integrated modules 71.9%. This differences were attributed to temperature loss. Third, the range of operating temperature of annual hourly photovoltaic modules was -6.5 to $61.0^{\circ}C$ for mounted modules, $-6.0{\sim}73.9^{\circ}C$ for semi-integrated modules and -5.5 to $88.9^{\circ}C$ for integrated modules. The temperature loss of each installation type was -14.0 to 16.1%, -13.8 to 21.9%, and -13.6 to 28.5%, respectively.


Building Integrated Photovoltaic system;Performance Ratio;Temperature loss;Photovoltaic system


Supported by : 대전대학교


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