• Received : 2016.04.01
  • Published : 2017.05.01


An open smooth manifold is said of finite geometric rank if it admits a handlebody decomposition with a finite number of 1-handles. We prove that, if there exists a proper submanifold $W^{n+3}$ of finite geometric rank between an open 3-manifold $V^3$ and its stabilization $V^3{\times}B^n$(where $B^n$ denotes the standard n-ball), then the manifold $V^3$ has the Tucker property. This means that for any compact submanifold $C{\subset}V^3$, the fundamental group ${\pi}_1(V^3-C)$ is finitely generated. In the irreducible case this implies that $V^3$ has a well-behaved compactification.


Supported by : Research Council of Lithuania


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