Effect of Persimmon Peel (Diospyros kaki Thumb.) Extracts on Lipid and Protein Oxidation of Raw Ground Pork During Refrigerated Storage

  • Choe, Ju-Hui (Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, University of Saskatchewan) ;
  • Kim, Hack-Youn (Department of Animal Resources Science, Kongju National Unicersity) ;
  • Kim, Cheon-Jei (Department of Food Science and Biotechnology of Animal Resources, Konkuk University)
  • Received : 2016.12.22
  • Accepted : 2017.03.04
  • Published : 2017.04.30


The inhibition effect of persimmon peel extracts (PPE) (0.05(PPE-0.05), 0.1(PPE-0.1), and 0.2 g(PPE-0.2) per meat sample) on lipid and protein oxidation of pork patties during chilled storage for 12 days were investigated and compared to ascorbic acid (As-0.05) and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) (BHT-0.01). The meat samples treated with PPE had greater (p<0.05) $a^*$ values comparing control in raw pork patties meat from day 4 of storage. The addition of PPE at all concentrations on meat samples effectively inhibited the formation of oxidation products as shown by decreasing conjugated dienes (CD), peroxide values (POVs), thiobarbituric acid reaction substances (TBARS), and carbonyl content during chilled storage for 12 d. The PPE-0.2 and BHT-0.01 had the lowest in decrease rate of free thiol content (0.24 and 0.22 times) during chilled storage. Therefore, results of this study suggest that PPE can be considered a potential antioxidant against lipid and protein oxidation of raw meat products.


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