Trends of Upper Jet Streams Characteristics (Intensity, Altitude, Latitude and Longitude) Over the Asia-North Pacific Region Based on Four Reanalysis Datasets

재분석자료들을 활용한 아시아-북태평양 상층제트의 강도(풍속) 및 3차원적 위치 변화 경향

  • Received : 2016.08.19
  • Accepted : 2017.01.17
  • Published : 2017.03.31


In this study, trends of upper jet stream characteristics (intensity, altitude, latitude, and longitude) over the Asia-North Pacific region during the recent 30 (1979~2008) years were analyzed by using four reanalysis datasets (CFSR, ERA-Int., JRA-55, MERRA). We defined the characteristics of upper jet stream as the averages of mass weighted wind speed, mass-flux weighted altitude, latitude and longitude between 400 and 100 hPa. Due to the vertical averaging of jet stream characteristics, our results reveal a weaker spatial variabilities and trends than previous studies. In general, the four reanalysis datasets show similar jet stream properties (intensity, altitude, latitude and longitude) although the magnitude and trends are slightly different among the reanalysis datasets. The altitude of MERRA is slightly higher than that of others for all seasons. The domain averaged intensity shows a weakening trend except for winter and the altitude of jet stream shows an increasing trend for all seasons. Also, the meridional trend of jet core shows a poleward trend for all seasons but it shows a contrasting trend, poleward trend in the continental area but equatorward trend in the Western Pacific region during summer. The zonal trend of jet core is very weak but a relatively strong westward trend in jet core except for spring and winter. The trends of jet stream characteristics found in this study are thermodynamically consistent with the global warming trends observed in the Asia-Pacific region.


Jet stream;reanalysis data;Asia-North Pacific region;weakening trend;poleward trend


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