Anti-bacteria effect of green tea, mulberry, and mate leaves extracts on S. mutans

녹차잎, 뽕잎, 마테잎 추출물이 S. mutans에 미치는 항균효과

  • Kim, Sung-Sook (Dept. of Dentistry, Konyang University Hospital) ;
  • Won, Ji-Hye (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University) ;
  • Lee, Go-Eun (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University) ;
  • Lee, Ru-Ri (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University) ;
  • Lee, Sun-Mi (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University) ;
  • Lee, Jin-Hee (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University) ;
  • Kang, Kyung-hee (Dept. of Dental Hygiene, Collage of Medical Science, Konyang University)
  • 김성숙 (건양대학교병원 치과) ;
  • 원지혜 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과) ;
  • 이고은 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과) ;
  • 이루리 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과) ;
  • 이선미 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과) ;
  • 이진희 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과) ;
  • 강경희 (건양대학교 의과학대학 치위생학과)
  • Received : 2016.11.01
  • Accepted : 2017.01.20
  • Published : 2017.01.28


This study aims to figure out how green tea leaves, mulberry leaves, and mate leaves that are often taken around in drinking tea influence on S. mutans known as dental caries causative bacteria. After vaccinating 1% of S. mutans on the extract added badge and incubating 6 hours and 10 hours in $37^{\circ}C$, it calculated absorbance and bacterial colony number. Extract of green tea leaves and mate leaves were added with 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, and 4.0% of concentration. As a result of growth suppressive effect of S. mutans, it may be observed that colony number significantly decreases in higher concentration. When it calculated bacterial colony number with adding 2% extract after 10 hours, 99.0% for green tea leaves, 97.1% for mulberry leaves, and 89.6% for mate leaves appeared.


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