The Switching Characteristic and Efficiency of New Generation SiC MOSFET

차세대 전력반도체 SiC MOSFET의 스위칭 특성 및 효율에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2016.11.09
  • Accepted : 2016.11.26
  • Published : 2017.02.28


Recently, due to physical limitation of Si based power semiconductor, development speed of switching power semiconductors is falling and it is difficult to expect any further performance improvements. SiC based power semiconductor with superior characteristic than Si-based power semiconductor have been developed to overcome these limitations. however, there is not method to apply for real system. Therefore, suggested the feasibility and solution for SiC-based power semiconductor system. design to 1kW class DC-DC boost converter and demonstrated the superiority of SiC MOSFET under the same operating conditions by analyzing switching frequency, duty ratio, voltage and current, and comparing with Si based power semiconductor through experimental efficiency according to each system load. The SiC MOSFET has high efficiency and fast switching speed, and can be designed with small inductors and capacitors which has the advantage of volume reduction of the entire system.


High Efficient;Boost Converter;SiC MOSFET;Si MOSFET;Next Generation Power Semiconductor


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Supported by : Changwon National University