Implementation of Smart Sensor Network System Based on Open Source Hardware

오픈 소스 하드웨어 기반의 스마트 센서 네트워크 시스템 구현

  • 권오석 (한국폴리텍 다솜고등학교 Smart전기과) ;
  • 김기환 (세명대학교 전자공학과)
  • Received : 2016.09.30
  • Accepted : 2017.02.03
  • Published : 2017.02.28


In this paper, we have proposed and implemented a smart sensor network system based on the Arduino open source hardware. The proposed smart sensor network system is composed of kinds of sensors and open-source hardware based, Arduino, etc. that can handle the measured sensor values. Also the communication modules that can be used to transmit the measured sensor values from the sensor control unit are configured. In the control unit the sensor data such as temperature, humidity, light intensity can be transmit to the main program and the main program will save the data in the DB or transmitting the value of the particular control signal to the control device or the actuator. The user can also check the information in the system using the measured values from the smart sensor networks through the web, or to remotely control a variety of actuators. And it is possible to manage a smart autonomous control over whether and how the proposed system.


Supported by : 세명대학교


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