Analytical Calculation for Predicting the Air Gap Flux Density in Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine

  • Feng, Yan-li (National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicle/Collaborative Innovation Center of Electric Vehicles in Beijing, Beijing Institute of Technology) ;
  • Zhang, Cheng-ning (National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicle/Collaborative Innovation Center of Electric Vehicles in Beijing, Beijing Institute of Technology)
  • Received : 2016.05.20
  • Accepted : 2016.12.12
  • Published : 2017.03.01


The research of air gap flux density has a significant effect on predicting and optimizing the structure parameters of electrical machines. In the paper, the air gap coefficient, leakage flux factor and saturation coefficient are first analytically expressed in terms of motor properties and structure parameters. Subsequently, the analytical model of average air gap flux density for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous machines is proposed with considering slotting effect and saturation. In order to verify the accuracy of the proposed analytical model, the experiment and finite element analysis (FEA) are used. It shows that the analytical results keep consistency well with the experimental result and FEA results, and the errors between FEA results and analytical results are less than 5% for SPM with high power. Finally, the analytical model is applied to optimizing the motor structure parameters. The optimal results indicate that the analytical calculation model provides a great potential to the machine design and optimization.


Supported by : National Natural Science Foundation of china


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