A Study on Usability Improvement of Camera Application of Galaxy S7

갤럭시S7의 카메라 어플리케이션 사용성 개선에 관한연구

  • Yu, Sung-ho (Dept. of Media design, Dongduk Women's University) ;
  • Lim, Seong-Taek (Dept. of Media design, Dongduk Women's University)
  • 유성호 (동덕여자대학교 미디어디자인학) ;
  • 임성택 (동덕여자대학교 미디어디자인학)
  • Received : 2017.10.31
  • Accepted : 2017.12.20
  • Published : 2017.12.28


Recently, among smart phone functions, cameras are one of the most popular functions and have become one of the most influential functions for purchasing smartphones. However, the basic camera application of the smart phone has a complicated user environment, which is causing many difficulties for the first time user. In this study, Galaxy S7, which is the newest Galaxy S series among the most used Galaxy S series in Korea, was selected and the usability test of the camera application was limited to shooting and editing sharing functions. As a result, first, improvement of icon graphic and label of text form should be provided at the same time to increase the recognition rate and attention of the icon. Second, it is necessary to simplify the structure and provide an intuitive interface in order to facilitate access to various modes and functions. Third, it is necessary to simplify the provision of personalized customized menus or functions in the development of the camera application because it causes a high failure rate and inconvenience in the special functions which are not widely used.


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