A Study on Preference for Graphic Basic Elements of the UI/UX Design of Game Application

게임 어플리케이션의 UI/UX 디자인의 그래픽 기본요소 선호도 연구

  • Cho, Hyun seung (Dept. Of Graduate Communication Design, PyeongTaek University)
  • 조현승 (평택대학교 커뮤니케이션디자인학과)
  • Received : 2017.11.01
  • Accepted : 2017.12.20
  • Published : 2017.12.28


The game industry using Smart phones and related market is rapidly growing every year and a graphical view of the game fun and games player is in a diverse environment improvement. Game visuals in the design of the application of the user's perspective, very simple tricks, unlike such as the game's environment is pc, but more sophisticated and to improve the quality of the game, planning is required. Ranking the top rankings, game downloads this study, therefore, has recently structured questionnaire based on the case in existing research conducted a survey. The surveyed more than 200 million people downloaded the Onmyoji game users in China was limited to the preferences of each gui survey analyzed. Preference shown in graphic identify success factors should be improved to lighting of the basic elements of design / ux ui and applications should be taken into account when designing the game. A Study on Design Factors for research purposes. The results verification the importance of visual elements, information elements, manipulation, and rapid response.


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