Component analysis and immuno-stimulating activity of Sparassis crispa stipe

꽃송이버섯 기부의 성분분석 및 면역활성

  • Received : 2016.05.31
  • Accepted : 2016.07.05
  • Published : 2016.10.31


This study was carried out to investigate the component and immunoregulatory effects of Sparassis crispa stipe. Herein, S. crispa was divided into the pileus and stipe to compare their ingredients (${\beta}-glucan$), antioxidant activity (in vitro), and the immunoregulatory function (cytokines, leukocytes, and spleen weight). The ${\beta}-glucan$ content in each part showed about 1.8 times higher content in the stipe than that in the pileus. The stipe also showed a higher total phenol content and antioxidant activity than the pileus. The cytokines $TNF-{\alpha}$, IL-2, and IL-10 have adjusted in the S. crispa extract-injected groups. In addition, the number of leukocytes was also significantly elevated in the rats administered with the S. crispa stipe extract. These results suggest that the stipe of S. crispa has great potential as an ingredient in functional foods.


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