Entrance Surface Dose according to Dose Calculation : Head and Wrist

피폭선량 산출을 통한 피부입사선량 계산: 머리 및 손목을 중심으로

  • Sung, Ho-Jin (Department of Radiology, Chonnam National University Hospital) ;
  • Han, Jae-Bok (Department of Radiological Science, Dongshin University) ;
  • Song, Jong-Nam (Department of Radiological Science, Dongshin University) ;
  • Choi, Nam-Gil (Department of Radiological Science, Dongshin University)
  • 성호진 (전남대학교병원 영상의학과) ;
  • 한재복 (동신대학교 방사선학과) ;
  • 송종남 (동신대학교 방사선학과) ;
  • 최남길 (동신대학교 방사선학과)
  • Received : 2016.07.20
  • Accepted : 2016.09.19
  • Published : 2016.09.30


This study were compared with the direct measurement and indirect dose methods through various dose calculation in head and wrist. And, the modified equation was proposed considering equipment type, setting conditions, tube voltage, inherent filter, added filter and its accompanied back scatter factor. As a result, it decreased the error of the direct measurement than the existing dose calculation. Accordingly, diagnostic radiography patient dose comparison would become easier and radiogrphic exposure control and evaluation will become more efficient. The study findings are expected to be useful in patients' effective dose rate evaluation and dose reduction.


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