Effect of joint mobilization on improvement of knee pain, isokinetic strength, muscle tone, muscle stiffness in an elite volleyball player with knee injury

무릎손상 엘리트 배구선수에 관절가동운동이 무릎통증, 등속성 근력, 근긴장도, 근경직 개선에 미치는 효과

  • Wang, Joong-San (Department of Physical Therapy, Howon University) ;
  • An, Ho-Jung (Department of Physical Therapy, Dongnam Health University) ;
  • Kim, Yong-Youn (Department of Physical Therapy, Dongnam Health University)
  • 왕중산 (호원대학교 물리치료학과) ;
  • 안호정 (동남보건대학교 물리치료과) ;
  • 김용연 (동남보건대학교 물리치료과)
  • Received : 2016.04.25
  • Accepted : 2016.07.07
  • Published : 2016.07.31


This case study identified the effects of joint mobilization on knee pain, isokinetic strength, muscle tone, and muscle stiffness in an elite volleyball player with a knee injury. The subject had experienced cartilage defects of the left knee joint and underwent surgery to correct the condition. The patient complained of continuous pain in the left knee joint in daily life in addition to pain during exercise. The study was conducted from August 5 to 12, 2015 and joint mobilization was applied to the left knee joint for 15 minutes once a day for 8 days. Knee pain was measured using a visual analogue scale, and the concentric peak torque of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles was measured using an isokinetic muscular strength measurement device. The muscle tone and stiffness of the rectus femoris muscle, vastus medialis, and vastus lateralis on the injured side were measured using a myotonometer. All the measurements were conducted before and after the intervention. Joint mobilization was effective in reducing knee pain on the injured side, increasing the concentric peak torque of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles on both sides, and increasing the muscle stiffness of the quadriceps muscle on the injured side. Concentric peak torque of the quadriceps muscle on the injured side increased a great deal as the number of joint mobilizations was increased, largely diminishing the difference in concentric peak torque between the normal side and injured side. On the other hand, joint mobilization was ineffective in improving the hamstring to quadriceps strength ratio on the injured side. While this study suggests that joint mobilization can be an effective intervention to improve the knee pain, isokinetic strength, and muscle stiffness of elite volleyball players, it should be performed alongside training for an appropriate strength ratio.


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