Hydroacoustic survey on distribution and density of fisheries resources in the Marado coastal area of Jeju, Korea

제주도 마라도 연안해역의 어업생물자원에 대한 분포밀도의 음향학적 조사

  • Received : 2016.06.13
  • Accepted : 2016.08.12
  • Published : 2016.08.31


The survey was conducted to investigate biomass and distribution of fisheries resources using a quantitative echo sounder and a fixed gillnet around Marado coast of Jeju to obtain the scientific basic data for dispute resolution with a large purse seine fishery and coastal fishing and policy establishment of reasonable fisheries resources. Hydroacoustic surveys were conducted six times (November 28~29, 2015 (night), February 23~24, 2016 (night) and March 3~4, 2016 (night/day), March 30~31, 2016 (night/day)) using a quantitative echo sounder. The pelagic fish densities were relatively higher around Marado in November 2015, February 2016 and March 3~4, 2016. However, demersal fish densities were relatively higher in Jeju coastal waters on March 30~31, 2016. Catch data using fixed gill net were used to calculate biomass. Based on the hydroacoustic data, fish length-weight function and target strength information of dominant fish, the biomass of fishes were estimated as follow: 5.64 ton CV = 70.2% at night on November 28-29 2015, 7.14 ton CV = 35.8% of pelagic fish and 530.77 ton CV = 34.6% of demersal fishes at night on February 23-24 2016, 2.34 ton CV = 56.7% of pelagic fish and 571.93 ton CV = 40.3% of demersal fish at daytime, 1.39 ton CV = 48.4% of pelagic fish and 194.59 ton CV = 54.3% of demersal fish at night on March 3~4 2016, 0.37 ton CV = 72.9% of pelagic fish and 338.79 ton CV = 99.7% of demersal fish at daytime, 0.24 ton CV = 21.3% of pelagic fish and 68.61 ton CV = 53.8% of demersal fish at night on March 30~31 2016.


Fisheries resources;Quantitative echo sounder;Gillnet;Marado;Pelagic fish;Demersal fish


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