A study on the Participation Motivation of Clinical Nurses in Job Training

임상간호사의 융복합적 직무교육 참여동기에 관한 연구

  • 박현희 (국민건강보험일산병원 간호부) ;
  • 이광옥 (상명대학교 간호학과) ;
  • 김순옥 (신한대학교 간호학과)
  • Received : 2016.03.18
  • Accepted : 2016.08.20
  • Published : 2016.08.28


This study aimed to identify nurses' participation motivation, its influence factors, and their job training need. A survey was conducted on 345 nurses of general hospitals in Gyeonggi-do. Data was collected from October 5th to 18th, 2016 and was analyzed through t-test, ANOVA, Bonferroni post-test, and multiple regressions using SPSS 21.0. Participation motivation was high in 'expertise capability improvement and development' and low in personal gain and job stability. Job training need was the highest in nosocomial infection management and CPR and was the lowest in hospice and rehabilitation nursing. Participation motivation had significant differences depending on age, marital status, educational level, and clinical experience, and was influenced by the job training need of professional nursing and medical knowledge for disease treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to plan medical educational programs to enhance job training effectiveness, establish a strategy to increase participation motivation; and expand various job training support.


Clinical Nurse;Job Training;Motivation for Participation;Needs;Survey


Supported by : National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hospital


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