Synthesis of Cubic and Rod Shapes CaCO3 by Hydrothermal Method

수열합성법을 이용한 큐빅과 로드형의 탄산칼슘 합성

  • Received : 2016.03.23
  • Accepted : 2016.06.02
  • Published : 2016.06.30


$CaCO_3$ was applied in various industries including rubber, plastics, paint, paper, food additives, and acid neutralizer, etc., owing to its excellent physical and chemical characteristics as well as various appearances of crystals and many reserves. In particular, research on controlling the structure and shape of $CaCO_3$ has attracted considerable attention recently, because the whiteness and physical characteristics of $CaCO_3$ depend on the size and shapes of the particles. In this study, $CaCO_3$ was synthesized using $CaCl_2$ and $(NH4)_2CO_3$, which has multi-shapes and structures, using a self-assembly method with a hydrothermal method. The structure and morphology of the $CaCO_3$ could be controlled by adjusting the pH and precursor concentration. In particular, the pH adjustment appeared to be a critical factor for the morphology and crystal form. In addition, the calcite and cubic shape were obtained at pH 7, while the mixed calcite, aragonite structure, and rod shapes appeared at pH 7 and over. Through an analysis of the particle formation process, the formation of the calcium carbonate particles was confirmed. The physicochemical properties of the synthesized $CaCO_3$ were analyzed by SEM, XRD, EDS, FTIR, and TG/DTA.


$CaCO_3$;Mophology control;Rod-Cubic shape;Self-assembly


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