Modeling of Reversible and Irreversible Threshold Voltage Shift in Thin-film Transistors

박막트랜지스터의 병렬형 가역과 비가역 문턱전압 이동에 대한 모델링

  • Jung, Taeho (Department of Electronics Engineering, Seoul National University of Science and Technology)
  • 정태호 (서울과학기술대학교 전자공학과)
  • Received : 2016.05.17
  • Accepted : 2016.06.17
  • Published : 2016.07.01


Threshold voltage shift has been observed from many thin-film transistors (TFTs) and the time evolution of the shift can be modeled as the stretched-exponential and -hyperbola function. These analytic models are derived from the kinetic equation for defect-creation or charge-trapping and the equation consists of only reversible reactions. In reality TFT's a shift is permanent due to an irreversible reaction and, as a result, it is reasonable to consider that both reversible and irreversible reactions exist in a TFT. In this paper the case when both reactions exist in parallel and make a combined threshold voltage shift is modeled and simulated. The results show that a combined threshold voltage shift observed from a TFT may agrees with the analytic models and, thus, the analytic models don't guarantee whether the cause of the shift is defection-creation or charge-trapping.


Supported by : 서울과학기술대학교


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