Prevalence of Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Fishermen in Udupi Taluk, Karnataka, India: a Cross-Sectional Study

  • Published : 2016.06.01


Background: Stress associated with fishing is known to trigger consumption of alcohol and tobacco among fishermen. This study aimed to assess the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol consumption among fishermen in Udupi Taluk in the state of Karnataka, India, and to study associations with health status and job stress. Materials and Methods: The study was conducted among 825 fishermen in Udupi Taluk of Karnataka between January-June 2015, using a two stage cluster sampling procedure. Associations between variables of interest were assessed using multivariable analysis and logistic regression models. Results: The prevalences of consumption of tobacco, alcohol and either of these substances were 64.2%, 45.6% and 86.9% respectively. There was a positive association between alcohol and any form of tobacco consumption with income but none with respondent's job stress and health status. Conclusions: Our study concluded that fishermen with poor health status are seen more among tobacco and alcohol users.



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