Estimation of the Concentration of HF in the Atmosphere Using Plant Leaves Exposed to HF in the Site of the HF Spill

불산 누출 사고 시 불산에 노출된 식물잎을 이용한 대기 중 불화수소 농도 추정

  • Yim, Bongbeen (Department of Environment Engineering, Daejeon University) ;
  • Kim, Sun-Tae (Department of Environment Engineering, Daejeon University)
  • Received : 2016.03.22
  • Accepted : 2016.04.18
  • Published : 2016.06.30


The leaves of three plant species, such as soybean, raspberry, and kudzu, exposed to hydrogen fluoride was collected in an area surrounding an emission source where the release accident occurred. The ultrasonic-assisted extraction and analysis of fluoride by ion chromatography was carried out. The mean concentration of fluoride in the leaves of three plant species exposed to hydrogen fluoride was $5,409{\pm}1,198mg\;F/kg\;dry\;wt$ and $788{\pm}339mg\;F/kg\;dry\;wt$, respectively. The mean fluoride concentration in ambient air were estimated to be $2.36{\pm}0.65mg/m^3$ ($2.89{\pm}0.79ppm$) and $0.35{\pm}0.15mg/m^3$ ($0.43{\pm}0.19ppm$) in exposed and unexposed sites, respectively. It seems likely that the passive monitoring using plant leaves could identify with respect to plant risk by fluoride in atmosphere.


Hydrogen fluoride;Airborne fluoride;Release accident;Plant leaves;Passive monitoring


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