Performance of Zoysia spp. and Axonopus compressus Turf on Turf-Paver Complex under Simulated Traffic

  • Chin, Siew-Wai (Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology, National Parks Board) ;
  • Ow, Lai-Fern (Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology, National Parks Board)
  • Received : 2016.01.12
  • Accepted : 2016.04.07
  • Published : 2016.06.30


Vehicular traffic on turf results in loss of green cover due to direct tearing of shoots and indirect long-term soil compaction. Protection of turfgrass crowns from wear could increase the ability of turf to recover from heavy traffic. Plastic turfpavers have been installed in trafficked areas to reduce soil compaction and to protect turfgrass crowns from wear. The objectives of this study were to evaluate traffic performance of turfgrasses (Zoysia matrella and Axonopus compressus) and soil mixture (high, medium and low sand mix) combinations on turf-paver complex. The traffic performance of turf and recovery was evaluated based on percent green cover determined by digital image analysis and spectral reflectance responses by NDVI-meter. Bulk density cores indicated significant increase in soil compaction from medium and low sand mixtures compared to high sand mixture. Higher reduction of percent green cover was observed from A. compressus (30-40%) than Z. matrella (10-20%) across soil mixtures. Both turf species displayed higher wear tolerance when established on higher sand (>50% sand) than low sand mixture. Positive turf recovery was also supported by complementary spectral responses. Establishment of Zoysia matrella turf on turfpaver complex using high sand mixture will result in improved wear tolerance.


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