Prevalence of IDH1/2 Mutations in Different Subtypes of Glioma in the North-East Population of Morocco

  • Senhaji, Nadia (Laboratory of Bioactive Molecules: Structure and Functions, Faculty of Science and Technology of Fez) ;
  • Louati, Sara (Laboratory of Bioactive Molecules: Structure and Functions, Faculty of Science and Technology of Fez) ;
  • Chbani, Laila (Pathological anatomy and molecular pathology Service. University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Bardai, Sanae El (Pathological anatomy and molecular pathology Service. University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Mikou, Karima (Laboratory of Bioactive Molecules: Structure and Functions, Faculty of Science and Technology of Fez) ;
  • MAAROUFI, Mustafa (Department of Radiology, University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Benzagmout, Mohammed (Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Faiz, Mohammed Chaoui El (Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Marie, Yannick (Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle epiniere, ICM) ;
  • Mokhtari, Karima (Inserm, U 1127) ;
  • Idbaih, Ahmed (Inserm, U 1127) ;
  • Amarti, Afaf (Pathological anatomy and molecular pathology Service. University Hospital Hassan II of Fez) ;
  • Bennis, Sanae (Pathological anatomy and molecular pathology Service. University Hospital Hassan II of Fez)
  • 발행 : 2016.05.01


Background: Genetic alterations in gliomas have increasing importance for classification purposes. Thus, we are especially interested in studying IDH mutations which may feature potential roles in diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment. Our aim was to investigate IDH mutations in diffuse glioma patients diagnosed in university hospital centre of Fez in Morocco. Materials and Methods: IDH1 codon 132 and IDH2 codon 172 were direct-sequenced in 117 diffuse glioma samples diagnosed and treated in University Hospital Hassan II between 2010 and 2014. Results: The R132H IDH1 mutation was identified in 43/117 tumor samples and R172K IDH2 mutation was detected in only one anaplastic oligodendroglioma. IDH mutations were observed in 63.2% of astrocytomas, 73.3% of diffuse oligodendrogliomas and 12.90% of glioblastomas. Conclusions: Our results confirmed other studies published earlier for other populations with some small discrepancies.


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