The Effect of using Computer & Smart-phone on Decreased Work Efficiency due to Musculoskeletal Disorders ; Mediating Effect of Perceived Musculoskeletal Disorders

컴퓨터 및 스마트폰 사용이 근골격계질환으로 인한 업무능력 저하에 미치는 영향 : 근골격계 질환의 매개효과

  • Received : 2016.02.10
  • Accepted : 2016.03.15
  • Published : 2016.03.30


Purpose - Average using time of smart-phone for Korean people is 3 hours 39 minutes and most people who are using a computer at home and their workplace can be affected over force to neck and shoulder due to unstable body posture. musculoskeletal disorders which caused by unstable body posture can affect strongly to decrease work efficiency. So this research is designed to measure the effect of using computer & smart-phone on decreased work efficiency due to musculoskeletal disorders and mediating effect between decreased work efficiency and musculoskeletal disorders. Research Design, Data, and Methodology - The author has developed a questionnaire with 6 hypothesis on the basis of previous research result with 5 constructs. The questionnaires were also made by interview and E-mail. 300 copies of questionnaires were distributed and 282 questionnaire were used for the analysis as valid data responses. SPSS ver.21.0 were used and made Cronbach's α and reliability test, correlation, Baron & Kenny 3 step mediated regression analysis. Result - Cronbach's α shows 0.770~0.954 and C.R. is 0.963~0.997 which is higher than 0.7. and AVE was 0.867~0.933. So the data are all acceptable condition. Using for a long time of a computer & smart-phone has a positive effect on musculoskeletal disorders. This means, it can cause musculoskeletal disorders if people use a computer & smart-phone for a long time due to unstable body posture. And musculoskeletal disorders can effect strongly decrease work efficiency. This study also found out that a long time of using computer can cause musculoskeletal disorders rather than using smart-phone a long time. To check mediate effect of musculoskeletal disorders between using a computer & smart-phone and Decreased Work Efficiency, author used 3-step mediated regression analysis of Baron & Kenny (1986). Using a computer for a long time mediate partially and using a smart-phone for a long time mediate completely. This means that using a smart-phone a long time is not the actual reason to decrease work efficiency. But using level of smart-phone is increasing rapidly day by day. So we need to make additional research about this matter seriously. Conclusion - Nowadays, people can not live on without a computer & smart-phone even a moment. But, using a computer for a long time will affect to cause musculoskeletal disorders and it will effect strongly to decrease work efficiency. Before, we thought over that musculoskeletal disorders were diseases of elder people. But, we found out from this study that musculoskeletal disorders can be happen to any people, even children, or workers in heavy industry or engaged in brain work. So we need to be careful when we use a computer for a long time. People also need to be careful to keep correct body posture when using both a computer and smart-phone since a smart-phone became more popular and using time level became longer. Due to increased income and living standard of people, physical growth of young people is so rapid. But the physical environment of society is not suitable for them since it can not follow up the speed of growth. Suitable work table is very important to prevent musculoskeletal disorder which can affect decrease work efficiency. For a person, a society or country, increased productivity is very important since it can directly connected to the job satisfaction. Education and reeducation for the people is also important, but to teach them how to keep good condition of health will be more important since it can increase the quality of work efficiency and quality of life. Computer and Smart-phone is one the best invention of modern society, but it can cause mental and physical disease which can affect decrease work efficiency and productivity. So it is necessary to observe attentively for the situation continually.