Effect of Osmotic Priming Treatment on Seed Viability and Seedling Growth in Watermelon

수박종자의 Osmotic Priming 처리가 종자활력 및 유묘생장에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 2016.02.17
  • Accepted : 2016.03.31
  • Published : 2016.04.30


In nine commercial watermelon cultivars, the effects of osmotic seed priming were evaluated for seed viability and seedling growth at different germination temperatures and field conditions. Generally, primed seeds showed improved germination rate and reduced time for emergence at different germination temperatures, as compared to untreated seeds. In particular, priming effect on seed germination was significantly high at $15^{\circ}C$, which is an environment normally resulting in poor germination. Depending on the watermelon cultivar, germination rate under low temperature ($15^{\circ}C$) was improved by up to 15~66% in primed seeds, as compared to untreated seeds. However, priming effect on germination was gradually reduced as the temperature reached to its optimum level for seed germination. Seed priming tended to improve the viability, fresh weight, and dry weight of watermelon seedlings, but its effect on seedling stage was not large, as compared to untreated seeds. Primed watermelon seeds showed improved emergence rate and facilitated germination in the field, but their seedling growth after 30 days from germination was not significantly affected. Our results indicated that seed priming can greatly improve the seed germination at poor temperature conditions in the watermelon.


Germination temperature;Seed viability;Priming;Seedling growth


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