Sensorless Speed Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor by Unscented Kalman Filter using Various Scaling Parameters

  • Moon, Cheol (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pusan National University) ;
  • Kwon, Young Ahn (Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pusan National University)
  • Received : 2014.11.17
  • Accepted : 2015.09.25
  • Published : 2016.03.01


This paper investigates the application, design and implementation of unscented Kalman filter observer using the various scaling parameters for the sensorless speed control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The principles of unscented transformation and unscented Kalman filter are examined and their applications are explained. Typically the mapping transformation process is divided into two types, namely the basic unscented transformation and the general unscented transformation by virtue of the scaling parameter value. And resultantly, the number of sampling points, weights, code configuration and computation time are different. But there is no little information on the scaling parameter value or how this value influences the system performance. To analyze the unscented transformation with the various scaling parameters in this study, the experimental results under a wide range of operation condition have been demonstrated.


Unscented Kalman filter;Unscented transformation;Scaling parameter;Sensorless speed control;Permanent-magnet synchronous motor


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