A Quality Assessment of Meta-Analyses Research in Social Work

국내 사회복지 관련 메타분석 연구의 질 평가

  • 조미경 (을지대학교 간호대학) ;
  • 김희영 (남서울대학교 아동복지학과)
  • Received : 2016.07.11
  • Accepted : 2016.10.07
  • Published : 2016.10.31


This study was conducted to evaluate the quality of meta-analysis of social work in South Korea using the Assessment of Multiple Systematic Review (AMSTAR). Electronic databases including the Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS), DBpia, and RISS4U were searched for 'meta-analysis', 'social work', and 'social welfare' from 2000 to December 2015, and 42 meta-analysis studies were included. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-tests, and ANOVA. The mean score for AMSTAR evaluation was $4.766{\pm}1.66$, while 19 studies (45.2%) were classified at the low-quality level, and 22 (52.4%) were at the moderate-quality level. The scores of quality assessment were analyzed by publication year, participants, number of studies included, number of DB, reporting study quality, extraction diagram and topics. The findings indicated that the following changes should be implemented to improve the quality and reliability of meta-analysis results in social work research: 1) common reporting guidelines should be provided for the social work field, 2) quality analyses of each study should be conducted to achieve a high level of evidence of effectiveness of social work interventions, 3) the characteristics of the included studies should be provided, and 4) a consensus and procedure based on at least two independent data extractors should be reported.


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