Design and Implementation of Linear Gain Equalizer for Microwave band

초고주파용 선형 이득 등화기 설계 및 제작

  • Received : 2016.09.27
  • Accepted : 2016.11.10
  • Published : 2016.11.30


In the devices used in the microwave frequency band, the gain decreases as the frequency increases due to the parasitic component. To compensate for these characteristics, a linear gain equalizer with an opposite slope is needed in wideband systems, such as those used for electronic warfare. In this study, a linear gain equalizer that can be used in the 18 ~ 40GHz band is designed and fabricated. Circuit design and momentum design (optimizations) were carried out to reduce the errors between design and manufacturing. A thin film process is used to minimize the parasitic components within the implementation frequency band. A sheet resistance of 100 ohm/square was employed to minimize the wavelength variation due to the length of the thin film resistor. This linear gain equalizer is a structure that combines a quarter wavelength-resonator on a series microstrip line with a resistor. All three 1/4 wavelength short resonators were used. The fabricated linear gain equalizer has a loss of more than -5dB at 40GHz and a 6dB slope in the 18 ~ 40GHz band. By using the manufactured gain equalizer in a multi-stage connected device such as an electronic warfare receiver, the gain flatness degradation with increasing frequency can be reduced.


Electronic warfare;Broadband Receiver;Gain Equalizer;Linear Gain Equalizer;Gain Slope


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