Lossless Frame Memory Compression with Low Complexity based on Block-Buffer Structure for Efficient High Resolution Video Processing

고해상도 영상의 효과적인 처리를 위한 블록 버퍼 기반의 저 복잡도 무손실 프레임 메모리 압축 방법

  • Kim, Jongho (Department of Multimedia Engineering, Sunchon National University)
  • 김종호 (순천대학교 멀티미디어공학과)
  • Received : 2016.10.31
  • Accepted : 2016.11.10
  • Published : 2016.11.30


This study addresses a low complexity and lossless frame memory compression algorithm based on block-buffer structure for efficient high resolution video processing. Our study utilizes the block-based MHT (modified Hadamard transform) for spatial decorrelation and AGR (adaptive Golomb-Rice) coding as an entropy encoding stage to achieve lossless image compression with low complexity and efficient hardware implementation. The MHT contains only adders and 1-bit shift operators. As a result of AGR not requiring additional memory space and memory access operations, AGR is effective for low complexity development. Comprehensive experiments and computational complexity analysis demonstrate that the proposed algorithm accomplishes superior compression performance relative to existing methods, and can be applied to hardware devices without image quality degradation as well as negligible modification of the existing codec structure. Moreover, the proposed method does not require the memory access operation, and thus it can reduce costs for hardware implementation and can be useful for processing high resolution video over Full HD.


AGR;Block-based MHT;Frame memory compression;High resolution video;Lossless image compression


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