Clustering Character Tendencies found in the User Log of a Story Database Service and Analysis of Character Types

스토리 검색 서비스의 사용자 기록에 나타난 인물 성향 군집화 및 유형 분석

  • Received : 2016.09.19
  • Accepted : 2016.10.24
  • Published : 2016.10.31


is a service providing story synopses that match user's query. This paper presents a classification of character types by clustering of character tendencies found in the user log of . We also present a visualization method of showing genre-action relationships to each character type, and investigate the genre-action relationships of the major character types. We found that a small number of character types can represent more than half of the character tendencies and the character types tend to have a relationship to particular genres and actions. According to this properties, it would be desirable to provide supports for creative writing classified by character types.


Supported by : IITP


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