The Impact of Make-up Education Program on Elderly Women's Make-up Satisfaction and Self-esteem the Korea

화장교육프로그램이 노인여성의 화장만족도 및 자긍심에 미치는 영향

  • Kim, Jung-Si (Dept. of Beauty Care, Yeungjin Cyber College) ;
  • Kim, Pil-Sun (Dept. of Beauty Coordination, Daegu Health College)
  • 김정시 (영진사이버대학 뷰티케어학과) ;
  • 김필순 (대구보건대학교 뷰티코디네이션학부)
  • Received : 2015.07.24
  • Accepted : 2015.10.20
  • Published : 2015.10.31


This study aimed to identify the impact of make-up education program on the level of satisfaction with make-up and the self-esteem of 80 elderly women. This education was provided during 8 weeks from May 28 to 16 July 2010 to women over 60 who were visiting P seniors welfare center, in D city. Some people fell out of the research, so finally the experimental group was 34 and the control group 36. During this research seven methods of make-up, including that of light make up were taught to the experimental group. Comparing the satisfaction and self-esteem levels before and after education. The result was that through the education the levels of their satisfaction with make-up and of their self-esteem were shown to have increased (p<0.05), significantly. We hope that through this research old people's healthy living and their social confidence can better converge.


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