The development of knowledge service needs assessment model for small and medium-sized businesses

중소기업을 위한 지식서비스 수요 조사 모형 개발

  • Received : 2015.11.05
  • Accepted : 2015.12.10
  • Published : 2015.12.31


The status of small and medium-sized enterprises has been changed into more independent business entities rather than simply subcontractor so that the utilization of specialized knowledge has been much more necessary for the survival in the market. However, small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to sufficient investment in knowledge services due to limited resources relative to large enterprises and demand for knowledge services business of government support is growing. For this reason, it is important to measure accurately the demand for knowledge services of small and medium-sized enterprises in knowledge management for effective utilization of knowledge service. In this study, we analyzed previous studies on small and medium-sized enterprises knowledge services that can be utilized in a comprehensive way. As a result, we developed knowledge service needs assessment model based on five critical success factors for continual growth and 12 types of knowledge service. This model has been modified and supplemented through expert meeting using delphi research method and topic modeling analysis using secondary data. This study is attempted to appropriately measure necessary knowledge services for small and medium-sized enterprises so that generated the evaluation model of knowledge service demands, comprehensively dealing with core knowledge services for many kinds of business entities. It is expected that the developed model will be a useful tool to understand and evaluate knowledge services demands of enterprises.


Supported by : 한국과학기술정보연구원