Educational Intervention on Breast Cancer Early Detection: Effectiveness among Target Group Women in the District of Gampaha, Sri Lanka

  • Vithana, PVS Chiranthika ;
  • Ariyaratne, MAY ;
  • Jayawardana, PL
  • Published : 2015.04.03


Purpose: The present study concerns the effectiveness of an educational intervention for improving knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) of breast cancer early detection among target group women (TGW) in the district of Gampaha, Sri Lanka. Materials and Methods: The study was a community-based intervention. Two medical officer of health areas in Gampaha district were selected using random sampling as intervention (IA) and control (CA). Public health midwives (PHMs) in the IA were exposed to the educational intervention first, conducted the same among the TGW through PHMs. KAP was assessed using an interviewer- administrated questionnaire among 260 TGW from each area selected using cluster sampling before and six months after the intervention. Results: The overall median scores for KAP among TGW in IG increased significantly from pre intervention level of 54% (IQR: 46-59%), 50% (IQR: 41-59%), and 0% (IQR: 0-20%) to post intervention level of 77% (IQR: 72-82%), 68% (IQR: 59- 76 %) and 40% (IQR: 20-60%) respectively. In CG, overall median scores for KAP remained almost the same at pre intervention 54% (IQR:44-59%), 50% (IQR:36-59%) and 0% (IQR: 0-20%) and post intervention 54% (IQR:46-59%), 50% (IQR:36-64%) and 0% (IQR: 0-20%) respectively. Conclusions: The educational intervention was found to be effective.


Breast cancer;well woman clinics;early detection;clinical breast examination;Sri Lanka


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