Comparison of Insulation Coordination Between ±800kV and ±1100kV UHVDC Systems

  • Wang, Dong-ju ;
  • Zhou, Hao
  • Received : 2014.04.22
  • Accepted : 2015.02.27
  • Published : 2015.07.01


Insulation coordination is a key problem in UHVDC systems in terms of safety and cost. Although high-voltage ±1100kV UHVDC projects are being planned in China, the characteristics and key points of high-voltage systems have not yet been analyzed. This study aims to improve the safe, effective operation of these high-voltage power transmission systems. First, we analyzed two typical insulation coordination schemes used in ±800kV UHVDC systems in China. Next, we used the two typical ±800kV insulation coordination schemes as a reference to analyze the ±1100kV UHVDC system. Finally, we compared these schemes and proposed an effective insulation coordination solution, as well as developing principles for ±1100kV UHVDC systems. Our findings indicate that the points enduring the highest voltage in the system should be protected separately by special arresters. Our analysis of the insulation coordination of ±800kV and ±1100kV UHVDC systems concluded that, in ±1100kV UHVDC systems, the main goal of insulation coordination is to lower the insulation level of points enduring the highest voltage. However, in a ±800kV UHVDC system, the main goal is to reduce the cost of manufacture for arresters, as well as the space occupation in the valve hall, with an acceptable insulation level.


Insulation coordination;UHVDC;Arrester scheme;Insulation level;Protection level;Insulation margin


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